Ubuntu Implementation Services

What is Ubuntu? 

Ubuntu is a complete desktop Linux operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. The Ubuntu community is built on the ideas enshrined in the Ubuntu Manifesto: that software should be available free of charge, that software tools should be usable by people in their local language and despite any disabilities, and that people should have the freedom to customize and alter their software in whatever way they see fit. 

Our Services 

1. Installation and configuration of Ubuntu. 

2. Migration of Data to Ubuntu 

3. Installation and configuration of popular windows equivalent Software in Ubuntu 

4. Mail Management and Migration 

5. Backup and Restore Management 

6. Printer Installation and Configuration 

7. Network Management on OS Level 

8. Feasibility study of customized software in Ubuntu 

slit optimization software

Seamless Slitting Optimizer (SSO)

SSO is an trim optimization software which helps to reduce the waste & scrap in Slitting of  Steel Coils, Paper, Plastic Rolls etc and maximize the utilization

SSO is made to optimize the utilization of a coil/paper/plastic roll during the slitting operation as per any order requirements.

SSO provides multiple slitting width combination planning a coil/paper/plastic roll during slitting as per yield in descending order (higher to lower) and it provide options to user to choose best optimized result one having maximum utilization.

Once the stock available and the orders required to be cut are entered, at the click of the button it gives the complete cutting plans, and detailed reports.

SSO is easy to use and with a user friendly Interface. Print facility to save record as hard copy.

SSO working with Live SAP Data based on Characteristics.

How it works

  • SSO can process N number of orders with N numbers of stock roll at a time and provide a number of options for mapping the orders on stock coil.
  • It consume maximum portion of roll and minimize the scrap part and provides all possible combinations of each orders with no of parts and no. of orders with all details including no of parts of each order with length to cut, remaining length and weight from roll.
  • A graphical representation show the mapping of orders on coil with each part differentiates with a different color.
  • It can map an order which required large amount of weight on multiple coils until the order not completed.


  • Simple Wizard like User Interface. It provides a graphical layout to better understand the planning of coil.
  • It can maximize the yield and minimize the scrap part from the slitting of a roll and reduces the manual effort for optimize planning of a roll with number of orders.
  • It shows the delivered quantity of order from the roll in planning with pending quantity and length to cut.
  • Provides hard copy of mapping layout and remove the order and stock if completed.
  • It can optimize the external data by uploading file in excel format.


Process Flow

  • Set settings (like trim, OD, processing type etc) before processing the orders. (user can save his own settings).
  • Enter filter parameters like thickness, Grade, Surface finish, customer etc.
  • Program get the live Sales order and Batch stock.
  • User can select any number of sales order and coils for Optimization processing.
  • Click on process button. It shows a list with mapping details with the descending order by Yield.
  • Select the combination for details. (Graphical view also available).
  • If user found the suitable combination, it can be save.
  • It update records in order and stock list with delivered and remaining quantity of both order and stock.
  • User can maintain the saved combinations.

Available settings and filters


Trim left/right.

Front/rear cut.

Baby coil weight range.

Unplanned slit width.

Outer Dia.

Analysis scenario ( many to many, max for single order, max for order with selected orders)

Analysis Type (Standard, Deep).


Thickness, Width, Grade, Surface Finish,

Order Number, Order date, Order Type,

Customer, material etc.


web based document management system

Do you need a Document management system that is flexible, affordable, and straightforward to implement?

DMS  is designed to simplify the management of documents and files, making them instantly accessible from any location via the internet or your network. No steep learning curves here, you'll find familiar buttons and icons so you can be productive immediately.

DMS is designed to securely manage the complete lifecycle of the document, from creation and use, to final disposition.


  • Reduces cost by automating processes.
  • Improves worker efficiency by enabling instant access to documents using a web browser.
  • Accelerates cycle times such as Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay with electronic workflow and delivery.
  • Demonstrates compliance to legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Eliminates the need for complex user training.


  • Centralized and Fully Secured Document Storage.
  • Groupwise Folder Access Policy.
  • Project wise Centralized Directory Structures.
  • Web based File Manager For Upload/Download operations.
  • File Versioning.
  • Extended User Access Policy For Every Folder.
  • Enterprice Document Management facilities Departmentwise File cabinets.
  • Easy to use Admin Panel.

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Teleshopping CRM

Webmind TeleCRM (WTC) is the only customer relationship management system for Teleshopping Industry that provides a true 360 degree view of all customer interactions. To see a live demo please contact us now

It is a fully web based CRM includes Sales Force Automation, Opportunity Management, Marketing Automation, Forecasting, and Customer Service.




Media Modules

Excellent Interface with Intelligence commands makes it fast and easy to manage your entire media Aspects. In every Teleshopping Business Media is the heart , All the calculation of your profit and loss starts with the analysis of the investments in media . We understand the concepts , WTC helps you to keep a bird’s eye view in all your media investments

Teleshopping Call Center Modules

Call Centre is the Backbone of Telemarketing , Constant attention & real time analysis is the key aspects to make it more efficient and profitable . WTC gives you all in one solution to Capture all the marketing efforts and at the same time we understand the importance of capturing maximum leads within the short duration when your slots are running . Our easy to use leads Interface with Intelli-sence technology helps you to keep it automated thus ensuring 100% efficiency in Lead Capturing process.

Logistics / Supply Chain

WTC is blended with Years of constant innovation in Teleshopping industry to make the Suppychain / Logistics aspects to adapt in industry specific needs. The entire automation & realtime reporting helps you to predict with business flow from the moment where first cycle of Lead processing is completed in your delivery point. The salient features are Easy to use Order finalization and Billing with Delivery Point auto detection by Customer’s Area

Order Allocation

  • 360 Degree View of Franchisee Point with Inbox Like Interface to Manage the Orders
  • Allinone tools for the franchisee to keep the Higher delivery ratio
  • Agent to franchisee >> Franchisee to Delivery Boy analysis in Real time basis
  • Excel export / Import utility for Bulk updation

Distribution Module

Analyze the delivery ratios of your franchises and courier points on Real time . Zone wise / Regionalwise mapping of privileges to the users and grouping of relevant information allows your data movement in Secured and confidential manner.

Courier Point Automation

Modules to Automate the Dispatch through Courier

Order revival Modules

order revival modules helps to to put a second marketing attempt to convert the cancelled orders coming from Franchisee Point/ courier point. Proritywise Sorting with reason for cancellations and recycling the leads and routing to delivery points with next followup date increases the ratio of Orders’ delivery

Inbuilt secured Communication (Email / Chat)

Secure Mail and Chat Enables your users to communicate instantly and keep your company's internal communication happens through secured own channel.

M.I.S (Real Time Reporting)

The Interactive reporting with dashboards with Export engine to world’s most used formats like PDF,Excel,Word ,TIF & XML is the beauty of WTC’s Reporting engine . 100% Realtime reports helps you to get rid from recompilation of Raw data using traditional technologies like Excel import & Pivot options.

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